Thursday, June 9 2016

Jack Walrath & The Masters of Suspense

Jazz at the Crossroads presents Innovators:New & Classic - bandleader/composers whose music challenges + expands the definition of jazz.
Thursday, June 09
9 pm -10:45 pm $15

Zinc Bar's Thursday Residencies continue in June with Grammy-nominated trumpeter Jack Walrath & The Masters of Suspense

"Walrath hates clichés, but he loves the jazz tradition...the solos splinter the pet phrases of a whole range of styles -- old-time blues to new-time hues and cries. This music is better than good." - Owen Cordle, DOWNBEAT

Jack Walrath, trumpet; Abraham Burton, tenor sax; George Burton, piano; Boris Kozlov, bass; Donald Edwards, drums; plus Surprise "Mystery Guests"

Grammy-nominated trumpeter Jack Walrath is a leading figure of the post-bop generation. A gifted composer and improviser who spent four formative years with the great Charles Mingus – as well as time on the road with Ray Charles – Walrath is a fearless explorer of new musical frontiers whose work is consistently multi-dimensional, surprising, adventurous. In Walrath’s world, post-bop music might give way to funk grooves, to avant-garde musings or even to heavy rock-infused grooves, all spiked with a hefty dose of humor

Walrath's tenure with Mingus coincided with one of the bassist’s finest ensembles and his nearly four-year stretch was marked by remarkable artistic outcomes, notably the albums Changes One and Changes Two. After Mingus’ passing, Walrath embarked on a remarkable solo career that has yielded nearly 30 albums as a leader and almost as many as a collaborator and sideman. He is a living legend of jazz.

"This is going to be a non-stop thrill," says Dita Sullivan, the series' producer. "All the cutting edge musicians, monsters of creativity, want to come to Zinc Bar, where they have complete artistic freedom, and time to develop their music in a residency. Zinc Bar is at the vortex of the most exciting music in the city - where you can see first rate artists playing with no inhibitions. It will be like the Onyx Club, back in the '20s, when all the top musicians came to listen to each other and exchange ideas, in an atmosphere of anything goes.

Jazz at the Crossroads presents Zinc Bar's Thursday Residencies l Innovators: New & Classic April 28th-September 29th

Roman Diaz & Midnight Rumba

AfroCuban master drummer ROMAN DIAZ & his percussion & vocal ensemble
Thursday, June 09

The essence of AfroCuban music is expressed in the Rumba: intoxicating polyrhythmic percussion, played on multiple drums, accompanied by call and response singing. Master percussionist and vocalist Roman Diaz, a leader of the Abakuá society brought to Cuba from Calabar, West Africa, is regarded as a “living repository” of Cuba's folkoric music. As a member of the seminal Cuban rumba ensemble Yoruba Andabo, he continued the work of the legendary percussionist Pancho Quinto in creating a new definition of traditional Cuban rumba
"If it’s midnight on a Thursday in Manhattan, Román Díaz is holding court at the Zinc Bar in Greenwich Village. He’s playing bata and conga drums, chanting and singing, sometimes rising to dance. He’s making music and enacting rituals with old friends and new partners, inviting in ancient spirits as he lends new edge to New York’s scene.
"The rumba is on.
"If you’ve never experienced real Cuban rumba, you’ve missed something that is singularly and at once both reverent and sensual, wild and yet deeply ordered, hard-hitting while also full of subtle cues and charms, and potent with the visceral sensations that can only come from repeated cycles of rhythms working as one....
"With his imposing size, goatee, stylish hat, dark glasses, half-smile, and air of gravitas despite his nonchalant manner, Díaz reminded me of Thelonious Monk ..... Whereas Monk’s African retentions were a distinct and brilliant invention within an explosive moment of modern jazz...Díaz carries forward a straight-up legacy meant to be conveyed through hand drums, voice and movement: He is the retention. Like the best Cuban percussionists and folkloric masters, and as with jazz’s greatest players, Díaz knows that tradition is never a static thing. As a member of the seminal Cuban rumba ensemble Yoruba Andabo, he continued the work of the legendary percussionist Pancho Quinto in creating new and fundamental wrinkles with traditional Cuban rumba.
"Since his arrival in New York City from his native Cuba in 1999, Díaz has not only deepened the presence of Afro-Cuban traditions in and around New York, he has infused the city’s jazz scene with a rare blend of expertise, energy, wit, and humor drawn from both Afro-Cuban culture and his own imagination. -Larry Blumenfeld, BLOUIN ARTINFO
As a producer, Roman Diaz has brought together some of the finest interpreters of Rumba from the island as documented on the CD, Wemilere. In the U.S., Diaz has collaborated with many musicians including the New Orleans jazz great Donald Harrison, jazz pianist David Virelles, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Paquito D’Rivera, Juan-Carlos Formell, Orlando “Puntilla” Rios and AfroHORN. 


"The Cuban percussionist and singer Román Díaz spreads a strong, cool presence evenly through a room. When he’s a sideman, he makes the side fold into the center; when he’s the center, he radiates power without anxiety, letting the focus shift". - Ben Ratliff, The New York Times


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