Friday, June 30 2017

The Remarkable Evan Shinners W.T.F Bach

Friday, June 30
Evan Shinners holds a nonpareil place in the wold of music, in playing at a high level and with complete freedom the music of Bach and his proper electronic and acoustic music all around the world. ​ “Music is music”. This is what Alban Berg responded to George Gershwin in Paris during the spring of 1928, as to why there was no distinction between what we consider “educated” music and “popular” music. Evan Shinners has endorsed this quote with brio and passion since the beginning of his career. ​ American musician Evan Shinners travels the world performing Bach and his proper music from pool halls to Carnegie Hall. He has delighted audiences with his stories, songs, and unique renditions of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. A 2010 Juilliard School graduate, Mr. Shinners was recently featured on NBC TV and National Public Radio performing an all-electric Bach Show at Webster Hall. In December he was invited to the White House, playing Bach in front of 19,000 people including the First Family for the national Christmas tree lighting. ​ His first recording (‘@bach’) caught the ears of many: “I know this is a lot of weight to put on a young man’s shoulders, but Evan reminds me of a young Glenn Gould” (Bill McGlaughlin). “It’s tremendously sloppy, it’s excitingly insane! But by god there is nothing quite like it” (David Dubal). “A bona fide Bach-star” (Time Out). ​ His second album, (“evan plays seven”), is also a full length youtube film, and won the grand prize at Bachtoberfest 2012, earning him the title: Mr. Bachtober. A poet and a tummler, Mr. Shinners publishes his own writings annually and hosts an eclectic party of New York based musicians every month in Spanish Harlem. ​ In September 2016, he create the character of WTF BACH, and release under this name two electronic album : Shining Charles (Huge Vibe), an electro pop album and Jello Sweet an experimental project on th bach's suites

AFRO-PERUVIAN NIGHT presented by The Afro-Peruvian Foundation for the Arts

Friday, June 30
8PM & 10PM & 11:45PM




UNA JARANA DE VERDAD featuring Maestro Freddy "Huevito" Lobaton

UNA JARANA DE VERDAD featuring Freddy "Huevito" Lobaton The "jarana" is the most important of all traditions of coastal music from Peru. This show will take you inside of Peruvian culture. A total immersion, so be prepared!

Special guest Laura Andrea Leguia @ 8pm show Special Guest Mariela Valencia @ 10pm show

Freddy "Huevito" Lobaton is cosidered to be the greatest cajon player in the world. His extensive career has led to performances and recordings with every makor name in Afro-Peruvian music: Eva Ayllon, Susana Baca, Peru Negro, Caitro Soto, Oscar Avilez, Arturo "Zambo" Cavero and Pepe Villalobos are just a few of the house-hold names that Huevito has worked with throughout the years. Moe importantly, Huevito carries with him the legacy of "the jarana..." a high level musical get-together where Afro-Peruvian song is shared.

Surrounded by an incredible cast, MAestro Lobaton will bring to life the true significance of a Peruvian "jarana."

Freddy "Huevito" Lobaton: cajon, vocals and zapateo dancing

Maestro Rufino Ortiz, guitar

Pablo Canela, guitar and vocals

Gaby Hayre, vocals

The Afro-Peruvian Foundation for the Arts brings the best of New York City's Afro-Peruvian inspired projects to The Zinc Bar. Every last Friday of the month look for world premieres, new artistic collaborations and some of the best Peruvian cocktails in the city!


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