Friday, March 9 2018

eMPathia Jazz Duo featuring Paul Ricci & Mafalda Minnozzi special guest Art Hirahara

Friday, March 09
7Pm & 8PM

The eMPathia Jazz Duo is returning to Zinc Bar, this time with special guest pianist Art Hirahara reunited with them from their Italian summer tour.

The duo's singer, Italian born Mafalda Minnozzi has an impressive career predominantly in Brasil where for over 20 years she has made a name for herself via 12 CD's, 2 DVD's, numerous major network TV appearances and noted duets with the likes of Milton Nascimento, Leny Andrade, Martinho Da Vila, Toquinho, and Guinga to name a few. She is a remarkably charismatic and powerful stage performer with a vocal extension and versatile timbral palette that blurs the line between singer and improvisational soloist. Completing the duo is Paul Ricci, a NY guitarist who also has worked primarily in Brazil for the past 20 years but comes from the NY scene as far back as the 80's playing with Jaki Byard, Mike Clark, Harold Vick, Dennis Irwin, Larry Willis and countless other noted sidemen. Also experienced in Brazilian, Latin and African music he collaborated with Astrud Gilberto, Edison Machado, Dom Um Romao, Bebel Gilberto, Bobby Sanabria, Harry Belafonte and recorded with Steve Jordan, Randy Brecker, Anthony Jackson and Manolo Badrena among others. His experience and inventive use of all these rhythms on jazz, acoustic and baritone guitars result in an impressive and powerful orchestral concept on guitar. The duo's debut CD "eMPathia"(2015) was nominated for the prestigious "Targo Tenco" award in Italy. Grammy winning producer Jeff Jones recorded their second CD "Inside"(2016) and the most recent "Cool Romantics" (2018) capturing their enchanting way of interpreting classics from the Italian, Brazilian, American and French songbooks that has garnered them praise in theaters, clubs and festivals in Italy, Brazil, Germany, Portugal and now NY too! Pianist Art Hirahara not only brings his experience and talent backing up singers like Stacey Kent and Freddy Cole to the stage, but also his artistic creativity that breaks free of the tradition as evidenced by his modern jazz solo CDs on the Posi-Tone label that feature NY's top players. Ricci's finely crafted arrangements, Mafalda's fiery voice and Hirahara's textural piano promise to have the audience sit up straight and revisit the beauty of the melodies of Jobim, Morricone and Piaf with a dash of Cole Porter and other surprises. "As its name suggests, eMPathia Jazz Duo basically shares one jazzy heart. Each song is thoughtful, considered, two strands of the same silk intertwined. This is jazz to fall in love by, the soaring of a songbird in the big blue note-filled sky." -Debbie Burke, jazz author

Valery Ponomarev & "Our Father Who Art Blakey" Big Band

Friday, March 09
10PM & Midnight

"Our Father Who Art Blakey," aka Valery Ponomarev Jazz Big Band –

- aka VPJBB - is the "best kept secret" on the modern jazz horizon today. The music of the band projects into the future the spirit set forth by the best Blue Note Artists of the 50s and 60s, covering the transformation of acoustic jazz music from those times until today.


The musicians in the band are the most respected and successful young musicians on the jazz scene today. But regardless of who is in the band at the present moment, the music of the band, from the very first sounds, mesmerizes the audience. It doesn't take long before sparkles in the form of applause, tapping feet, shaking heads, yelling and screaming start flying around the air in response to the music. From the audience - back to the stage, from the stage to the audience and back again. By the end of a concert, an alternating current is set at its highest peak, reigning supreme. Musicians, music and the audience blend in one dazzling alloy where it doesn't matter what component of the alloy you are, as long as you are a part of it. Long after a performance is over, the listener is still under the spell, reliving again and again the magic of creating beauty.

This is the kind of a band which reminds the audience that emotion, ability to think and feel, not computer generated artificiality, puts us humans one whole step above the rest of the Animal Kingdom.

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