Marcus Miller


Marcus Miller is a multifaceted voice in modern music. Starting the saxophone at age nine under the tutelage of Bruce Williams, Marcus developed an interest in jazz music and a keen melodic sense. As a teenager he would hang out at Jam sessions around New York and New Jersey, broadening his musical palate and learning both the science and emotion of improvisation.

As a relative new comer to the New York scene, he has been extremely busy playing saxophone with several different groups, studying engineering and music production, writing songs for different artists internationally, and running his own Hip Hop record label with college friend and performing artist, Mike Philson. He has played the music of Duke Ellington at Carnegie Hall, worked on recording sessions with Sly Stone and George Clinton, produced music for several artists in the tri-state area, and has sent one of his artists on a successful tour of Shanghai.



82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan) Greenwich Village New York NY 10012 tel. 212-477-ZINC (9462) Open 7 days: 6pm-2:30am weeknights 6pm-3am weekends

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