Richard Bona


Richard Bona is a jazz bassist and musician. His actual African name, as he said live in Montreal in a show with Bobby McFerrin, is Bona Pinder Yayumayalolo
Bona was born into a family of musicians, which enabled him to start learning music from a young age. His grandfather was a griot-- a West African singer of praise and storyteller-- and percussionist, and his mother was a singer. At 4 years old, Bona started to play the balafon. At the age of 5, he began performing at his village church. Not being wealthy, Bona made many of his own instruments: including flutes and guitars (with cords strung over an old motorcycle tank).
Throughout his amazing musical journey, Bona has absorbed the spirit and the rhythms of the places he has visited. Fortunately for the listener, Bona has the talent to blend these discoveries into a musical masterpiece. Music lovers wishing to discover the world do not need to purchase a plane ticket, surf the Internet, or even watch an international newscast. All they need is a copy of Tiki, and Bona will be their musical tour guide on a visit to the corners of the globe, to explore the people and the soul of many nations. ....


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