Edmar Castañeda


Edmar Castañeda was born in 1978, in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. The legendary Paquito D’Rivera, Edmar’s frequent collaborator, has remarked: .. .. Edmar is…an enormous talent, he has the versatility and the enchanting charisma of a musician who has taken his harp out of the shadow to become one of the most original musicians from the Big Apple. 
Not unlike his fellow rarified musicians that have transformed their lives and immediate circumstances through art, Edmar’s journey traces back to humble and altogether inspiring beginnings. The son of a musician and a mother who nurtured young Edmar’s obvious natural talents, he embraced the noble folkloric traditions of his native land. The “joropo” dance classes which he and his sister regularly attended became for him a master class in movement, accompanied by the harp. Even now, on stages across the globe, one notes how Edmar’s body seemingly engulfs his Colombian harp as he crafts almost unbelievable feats of cross-rhythms, layered with chordal nuances rivaling the most celebrated flamenco guitarist’s efforts. .. .. .. In the beginning I learned to play traditional folk music… I play “el arpa llanera” a Colombian folk harp. “El arpa llanera”…means harp from the plains. 
His style is fascinatingly percussive and he plucks dynamic basslines almost invisibly while picking out melodies with his right hand. 
Edmar moved to the United States in 1994 and was quickly recognized for his unmatched style and sound. .. .. Edmar’s new disc, Entre Cuerdas, has caught the attention of reviewers and his burgeoning legion of fans. 


82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan) Greenwich Village New York NY 10012 tel. 212-477-ZINC (9462) Open 7 days: 6pm-2:30am weeknights 6pm-3am weekends

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