Axel Tosca Laugart

Laugart's family influenced his musical interests at an early age. Both his father and stepfather were musicians and his father's guitar playing sparked and early interest in the instrument. He began playing around the age of four, accompanying his parents. Laugart's mother, Xiomada Laugart, is a world-famous singer, whom he still performs with today.
At the age of seven, Laugart became interested in the piano. He was influenced by Miriam Valdez, sister of the famous Cuban virtuoso Chucho Valdez, and Rosa Maia Tolo. Laugart credits Tolo with helping mature his style and musicality.
Laugart benefitted from a wide range of musical experiences growing up in Cuba. Dennis & Swing was a group that Laugart credits for "giving me the real timba groove." Laugart also played with the Afro Cuban All Stars, Teresa Garcia Caturla, Sexteto Sendito, Jose Miguel Crego (known as “El Greco”), and a Latin Jazz group called the Bobby Carcases Group, where Laugart says "I learned a lot about the language of music."
Laugart was also part of the Hip-Hop scene in Cuba and had the opportunity to play with The Roots while they were in Cuba. He has also worked in the studio with Cuban conductor Miguel Ceruto.
Amadito Valdez, the great timbalero with the Buena Vista Social Club, was a musical mentor and an important part of Laugart's decision to come to the United States in July of 2005. His arrival came with the opportunity to perform with “Havana Night” in Las Vegas for two years.
During that time, George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic scouted discovered Laugart.  They began rehearsing, and Laugart performed with the group in Washington, DC, on New Year's Eve, 2007. The gig was at BB King's, and is still one of the most memorable in the young pianist's career.
Laugart met Pedrito Martinez while touring with the group Yerba Buena, in 2007. They began playing together, and as  Laugart says, they "began creating someing - some kind of groove that I can’t explain. It’s made me grow as a musician."
Now based in New York, Laugart is continues to grow musically. Of his future, he says "my goal is to just keep upgrading my talent and my soul. I love the world. "


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