Sunday (Afternoon) Serenade, Remembering Kenny Kirkland.

////Sunday (Afternoon) Serenade, Remembering Kenny Kirkland


Date: September 15, 2019
Duration: 1 Day
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Type: open


It’s Another Sunday Serenade

“Remembering Kenny Kirkland”


*Luis Perdomo: Piano

*Nat Reeves: Bass

*Carl Allen: Drums

*Jaleel Shaw: Alto Saxohone

From 4-6:45 PM

Music Charge: $25.00 with a $10.00

non-refundable deposit in advance

& all non-reservation holders are

$30.00 to be paid at the door


Credit Cards Accepted

Student Discount Given With Proper ID

2 Sets For 1 Music Charge

Reservations: 917-882-9539