The Spirit Clarinet Orchestra Directed By Paul Austerlitz.

///The Spirit Clarinet Orchestra Directed By Paul Austerlitz


Date: January 9, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
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Type: open

Directed by Paul Austerlitz

A big band consisting entirely of clarinets, bass clarinets, and rhythm section, playing Latin arrangements by Machito and his Afro-Cubans and original compositions.

730 and 9 pm
$15 cover

Dr. Paul Austerlitz informs his bass clarinet playing and composing with ethnomusicological work on the spiritual power of music, having conducted research on traditional music in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Finland (the country of his birth). Here’s what people are saying about his recent album, “Water Prayers of Bass Clarinet“:

“Water Prayers” is evidence of Austerlitz’s dazzling technique on an unforgiving instrument, without ever selling the emotional intensity of the music short. This music is a spectacular product of a creative spirit, awakened by the dormant powers of the soul to further the powers of human consciousness.
– Raul Da Gama Rose

“Water Prayers” is about jazz, the bass clarinet, and world music. This recording sounds fabulous. It’s more than education; it’s about opening up new parts of your brain.
– The Vinyl Anachronist